Our Purpose

We understand that not everything is perfect and most processes in a business can be improved, added, and even eliminated. Edge Consulting will come to you. Using a variety of techniques, our team will look at your organization’s current circumstances, while understanding where it is you want to go. We will identify the key factors hindering your increased growth and success, and will also work with you and your team to identify your strengths, while building on them and developing your path forward.


Our Approach

Experience – As a group of cutting edge, mature MBA graduates, our team’s experience is not only in the theoretical practice of strategy-building and consulting, but also in real life situations, which sets us in the unique position of understanding what really works and what really doesn’t. We are realists, not idealists. Having worked extensively in both not-for-profit and for-profit environments, our team understands your business because we have been there. Really.

Differentiation – Using basic frameworks of analysis and solution-development as well as building on them to form unique action plans specific to your needs; our team is driven to assist you in achieving your goals. Anyone can follow a framework. What makes us different is that we know what works and what doesn’t because we’ve been there. We’ve tried it, we’ve tested it, and we’ve seen results. That is what differentiates us. That is what will differentiate you.

Growth – We understand that whatever growth looks like to you, whatever form your outcomes take, growing your returns (social or monetary), will make you more successful and bring you closer to reaching your full potential. We are committed to developing solutions to help you grow and evolve into the cutting edge service and product provider we know you can be.

Empowerment – Once we’re gone, all that is left is you. Our team is inspired by your success and is rooting for you to achieve your goals. We are committed to providing a realistic plan that you will be able to continue to follow once our time with you has passed. We want to support your team in building habits and strategies that will see you through to the end, even when we’re gone. We want to empower people to achieve their own success to the point where we are no longer needed. If we are unnecessary, then we have done our job well.

Meet the Team

Learn about our Team


Bogdan Nastase

Founder and CEO

Bogdan Nastase is an MBA student specializing in International Business and Management. He has graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce with a Management major. He is currently employed in the oil and gas sector as a Project Coordinator and specializes in Project Controls and Project Management.

Bogdan has been an active member of the MBA student body since joining the MBA program in September 2014 by volunteering and participating in a multitude of activities. He has served as the Graduate Association Vice-President Part-Time and is looking forward to helping other develop their skills. Bogdan is an energetic, focused and friendly person who would be happy to talk to anyone interested in finding out how to add value to their business.