Operational Efficiencies

There is an old saying that states “time is money”. We understand that “wasting” time can sometimes lead to extra costs, be they direct or indirect. Our job is to look at your company’s operational tasks and improve them through a variety of means and frameworks which could result in cost savings or even raising employee productivity.

Project Services

Have you ever seen Project Communication break down? Do you know about particular process flows which are not being followed even though they are mandatory? This is a common theme in most projects. Most companies focus on executive leadership succession planning but the middle management and entry level knowledge base is never maintained or propagated. That is what we are here for. Thorough analysis and an in depth look at your company will allow us to provide you with project solutions surrounding project controls, documentation controls and communication related resolutions.

Marketing Development

How do you differentiate yourself? What is unique about your product or your service? The answer is probably “a lot”. The next step business leaders must take is to communicate their value and inform the public about their brand. The EDGE Consulting team will assist your company with creating or improving their communication plan so as to align with your overall strategy and provide results by improving the said brand. Communications plans, strategy development, fundraising and marketing plans are services which we can provide.

Lean Operations

The ability to create and foster a company culture revolves around engaging your employees and allowing them to build the future of your business. Our team will look at business solutions to tackle specific culture or leadership obstacles in order to create employee buy in and corporation thus lean operations. Turn over as well as investment in employee resources have always been a major concern for corporations and EDGE Consulting will find a way to receive the “dividents” from these investments.